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The mould represents the "heart" of the casting machine and has to meet very strict requirements, which partially compete with each other.

Special precautions and the utmost care during the production process - beginning with melting the alloys and including casting, hotforming, coldforming, and especially the heat treatment - are compulsory to meet the extreme safety- and quality requirements.

Finish machined plate for a beam blank mould
Finish machined plate for a beam blank mould
Due to our extensive experience with bloom, slab, thin slab, and beam blank moulds we are very aware of the specific requirements for each of these applications.

As a manufacturer, we are willing and able to adjust flexibly (within certain ranges) and precisely to your individual needs in order to optimize the product for you - we invite you to contact us.

Finish machined plate for a beam blank mould
Bloom mould, nickel plated
In close cooperation with major engineering companies we have earned and maintain our reputation as reliable supplier of mould plate. We have achieved the confidence of companies such as: SMS Demag, Danieli, Voest-Alpine, and others.

Consequently many casting machines worldwide are at least initially equipped with Carl Schreiber mould plate. Furthermore, we also work in close partnership with the repair and maintenance companies as well as with the steel producers themselves on spare and replacement plates.

This frequent interaction with all our a.m. partners on both the engineering and the operation aspects is a source for continous innovation: CSN - always up to date.

More information about our mould plates can be obtained in the downloads section.

Finish machined plate for a slab mould