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CSN - your partner for molds

After over 180 years in production, CSN Carl Schreiber GmbH has gone from key supplier to the OEMs in Germany and Europe to one of the leading manufacturers of molds worldwide.

CSN position in the Value Chain

CSN offers full range of Copper molds for the continuous casting of all steel shapes:

Thin Slab CSN - Thin Slab
Thick Slab CSN - Thick Slab
Beam Blanks CSN - Beam Blanks
Blooms CSN - Blooms

We offer molds made from plates as well as tube molds for all slab and strand sizes to over 4m wide slabs and over 1m diameter billets. CSN offers ever larger tube molds for the production of flat products and beam blanks historically made from plate molds.

product range and machine park

Long term experience and state of the art production enable CSN to offer high quality products – Made in Germany.

history - Innovation by Tradition


Year of foundation of CSN. Main operation were mining, melting, casting.


Installation of rolling mill, forging, machining


Focusing on plates and sheet production


CSN supplies first finished mold


Acquisition by external Management


Acquisition by Endurance Capital AG, Munich


MBO Joseph Meseha and Partners

CSN Company 1837

In addition to mastery of the art of producing the raw material over 180 years of copper production, CSN has state of the art manufacturing facilities. CSN Carl Schreiber GmbH is a lean privately owned mid-sized company in the heart of steel making and technology region of Germany. With long term employees having on average over 20 years’ experience, CSN is an expert in the material, manufacturing and performance of continuous casting molds for steel and non-ferrous flat and long products.

CSN Company 2018


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